Islamic Accounts with easyMarkets

Access the global financial market and trade with confidence under Sharia compliant conditions. easyMarkets offers Islamic accounts, also known as ‘swap-free’ accounts as no ‘swap’ or ‘rollover’ fees or interest is applied if you hold your trade positions open overnight.

How to open your Islamic account

Features of an islamic account

Your easyMarkets Islamic account has the same features of all other accounts. The only difference is that there are no interest/swap charges on overnight positions, except when you trade Cryptocurrencies on easyMarkets platform. The position can be held up to two (2) weeks swap free.

  1. Open your trading account with easyMarkets
  2. Email us on or inform your account service manager to update your account to an Islamic one
  3. You will receive email confirmation from us that it is done.

Islamic Accounts available with easyMarkets

Sharia compliant accounts

Why Sharia compliant?

So, what makes my Islamic account Sharia compliant? The laws on trading according to Islam, in accordance with the Sharia law and Quran, “They ask you about intoxicants and games of chances. Say: in both of them there is a great sin...” (Surah al-Baqarah 2:219).

In accordance with Islamic conditions, interest or swaps on overnight positions, also known as RIBA must not be charged, and so easyMarkets Islamic accounts do not charge interest on overnight trades, and all positions remain open after midnight but do not gain or lose any money, irrespective of the volume of their position.

Why trade with easyMarkets?

easyMarkets gives you easy access to any market you want..

  • Fully Sharia compliant Islamic accounts
  • Access to over 200 CFD markets including currencies, precious metals, indices and commodities and options
  • Simple, user-friendly platforms on web and mobile as well as MT4
  • Guaranteed stops and fixed spreads
  • Support and training from your personal account service manager
  • VIP clients get dedicated support from a professional market analyst from our award-winning dealing room.

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easyMarkets has been serving its customers since 2001. From the very beginning we have strived to offer our clients the most innovative products, tools and services.

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easyMarkets is regulated by both ASIC and CySEC. We offer our clients negative balance protection and their funds are held in segregated accounts.

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