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Industry Exclusive Features for Trading, Risk Management and Security

Since 2001 easyMarkets has been dedicated to offering its clients a completely unique trading experience. This includes tools that allow our traders to undo losing trades and products that give them the ability to trade without margin requirements and zero spot spreads.

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Trading Tools

Not only can you trade over 200+ markets with easyMarkets but you can trade multiple ways. Create a trading strategy using our tools and products that fits your risk appetite and investment goals.

Limited Risk, Unlimited Potential. Trade without margin requirements and zero spot spreads.

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Undo losing trades within one, three or six hours for a small fee. Protect your account.

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Freeze the live rate allowing you to open or close a trade at that price.

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Trading Conditions

For almost 2 decades easyMarkets has adapted and evovled its trading conditions to help its clients implement their trading strategies, manage their risk and achieve their investment goals.

This ensure that your account will never go below zero. Protecting you against losing more than you invested.

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Set the maximum risk you are comfortable with when its reached your trade will close.

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Your rate will be executed at the rate you traded at.

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Ensuring maximum price transparency, our spreads never change.

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What our Traders say about us

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