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easyMarkets Announces New Lowers Spreads

Continuing easyMarkets mission to offer an exceptional online trading experience to its clients, it has recently announced new lower fixed spreads. This essentially lowers the overall costs when trading with the company.

This recent significant reduction of its spreads also makes the company one of the lowest fixed spread brokers on MT4. This reduction of spreads was applied across all of its platforms including web, iOS and Android trading apps. easyMarkets has also launched a curated selection of CFD shares recently, establishing it as one of the only CFD brokers to offer fixed spreads when trading shares.

These facts seem to be reflected in an exclusive statement made by easyMarkets Head of Risk Management, Thomas Tsaloupis:

“The fact that EasyMarkets offers both fixed and low spreads under all market conditions is an unparalleled advantage that our clients can enjoy. With our latest substantial decrease on spreads, our aim was to add yet another competitive edge in our easyMarkets platform’s unique offerings which includes dealCancellation, Freeze Rate and easyTrade.”

dealCancellation, Freeze Rate and easyTrade Mr. Tsaloupis mentions in his statement are exclusive trading tools easyMarkets offers to its clients. dealCancellation allows a trader to undo losing trades within an hour for small fee and Freeze Rate is a tool that pauses a live rate for a few seconds so the trader can open or close a trade at the frozen rate. easyTrade is an innovative trading ticket available on easyMarkets proprietary platform. It allows a trader to set their maximum risk amount which cannot be surpassed and access significant leverage that is ESMA compliant. Another tool offered by easyMarkets on their proprietary trading platform and app is negative balance protection. This protection guarantees that a client’s account will never go below zero and comes at no additional cost.

About easyMarkets

easyMarkets is an award-winning global broker with full market access, innovative trading platforms and a commitment to easy trading.

easyMarkets was founded on the idea of democratizing trading. Back in 2001 when easyMarkets was founded, the only way to trade was through a physical trading room as a wealthy individual or an institutional client. If you didn’t have an initial investment of tens of thousands of dollars or more it was impossible to trade.

Our purpose was to give market access to anyone that wanted it. We ended up fundamentally changing the online trading industry – which only offered Forex at the time. In 2001 we accepted initial deposits from $25, that could be funded online via credit card – instead of lengthy bank transfer. Our customers responded with loyalty and helped us grow.

Over the years we expanded our CFD offerings to include global indices, energy, metals, shares, cryptocurrencies and more. In 2016 we rebranded from easy-forex to easyMarkets. We managed to democratize trading, make it accessible and easier – but there is always more we can offer our customers.

We were the first to offer a true online trading platform that you could not lose more than what you invested. We continued innovating - offering valuable trading tools and conditions such as free guaranteed stop loss, insideViewer, Freeze Rate – and our most innovative tool yet: dealCancellation which allows traders to undo losing trades within an hour for a small fee.

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