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easyMarkets at FxCuffs Poland – What an “eye-opening experience”

07 April 2017

Our team came back from their March 24th-25th weekend with big smiles (albeit a little tired) after meeting and interacting with hundreds of you who visited our booth at the FxCuffs expo in Cracow Poland.

It all started with a great impression of the ICE Congress center, where the third FxCuffs conference would take place, but the team quickly jumped to work to finalize the last steps of all the preparations which had been going on for weeks.

It wasn’t long before the place was flooded with exhibitors, panelists and more than 4,000 guests who visited over the two-day event.

easyMarkets was represented by our four champions; Nina the brilliant head of Polish office, Tomash our analysis guru, Kamil, the go-to person for all Polish affiliates and Karol, one of our front-liners who interacts with all of you (if you’ve called us from Poland you’ve probably had the chance to speak with him).

All easyMarkets’ booth visitors were engaging and prepared with questions. We were happy to see a lot of interest in dealCancellation*, the revolutionary trading tool which, for a small fee, allows you to cancel any losing trade within 60 minutes.

Our award-winning affiliate program was also all the buzz and when it comes to Polish affiliates Kamil was our guy who fed all your curiosity with his expertise and answered all questions promptly. 

And finally, we knew we’d made the right choice to include Tomash in our team when so many of you found great interest in speaking face to face with an analyst who can answer your intricate and technical questions like no one else.

Everyone who opened an account with us on that weekend, was rewarded with VIP spreads even on non-VIP accounts. There was also the case of the fun friendly contest where our guests guessed at which rate the EUR/USD will open on the Monday following that weekend. The answer with the number closest to the actual rate will earn its owner a brand-new iPad air, on which they can download easyMarkets brand new App to start fast, simple and easy trading.

“We wanted to be there, to show who we were … [it was an] eye opening experience” Nina said a few days following the expo, and this is definitely a weekend to remember which will lead to more events for easyMarkets in the near and far future, in Poland and the rest of the world.

What we enjoyed the most about this event was getting to speak to everyone face to face. easyMarkets was founded to level the playing field in the trading industry; today we still run a huge support team which takes hundreds of calls a day with potential and existing clients because we know a broker is more than just access to the market, we believe your broker is your support and guide to a pleasant trading experience.  

While we cannot meet each and every one of our thousands of traders in person, the FxCuffs experience doesn’t end here! We will always welcome personal conversations and discussions and continue enhancing the trading world as we have been doing since 2001.

See you at the next event.

The easyMarkets Team


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