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easyMarkets launches the crypto-markets’ best kept secret - Ethereum and Ripple.


The crypto markets are the new frontier of trading, we have seen unprecedented movement – from astonishing peaks to abrupt crashes – behaviors and movements no other instrument experiences or has experienced previously.  

Bitcoin was immensely popular when we introduced it to our customers in 2017. After closely following the innovative cryptocurrency markets we found two more immensely interesting (but less visible) cryptos to add to our offerings – Ethereum and Ripple.

Ethereum is a blockchain based cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, whereas Ripple is a cryptocurrency payment protocol, touted as a solution to perform payments for institutional clients. Although Bitcoin was undeniably the markets’ star in 2017 – these two crypto-counterparts had equally impressive movements.

Ripple towards the end of 2017 had a notable 33014% overall climb with a market cap of $83.6 Billion. This was assisted by Ripple’s collaboration with institutional users like American Express.

Ethereum had climbed an astounding 8,885% from the beginning of 2017 until the end of that year with a respectable market cap of 69.3 billion. Purely as a cryptocurrency it seemed to even outdo its forefather – Bitcoin – by completing transactions quicker and more effectively.

Ethereum and Ripple


We have also lowered our spreads on Bitcoin!

Of course, all of our cryptocurrencies include easyMarkets great trading conditions:

  • Fixed spreads
  • Guaranteed free stop, take profit
  • No slippage on web
  • Negative balance protection
  • A high level of customer support

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