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Trading the Brexit with Options – A Unique Opportunity


There are few events that come along during a trader’s lifetime that are truly awe-inspiring. George Soros had his Black Wednesday on September 16, 1992 and walked away with $1.5 billion by shorting the pound. The upcoming Brexit referendum in the UK on 23 June may just be that kind of event.

Polls show that the UK public are almost evenly split on whether the UK should remain or leave the European Union. What we are seeing is a lot of volatility around this event, and for traders that might mean a possible opportunity!

But how do traders take advantage of this kind of volatility? That’s where a product like easyMarket’s options may just be the ticket. Options offer unlimited earning potential but with limited risk which is why it’s the choice of professional traders especially under uncertain market conditions.

With this in mind, easyMarkets has created a simple and direct options campaign that gives clients the opportunity to be part of the market-moving event, the Brexit. They are offering traders 3 options to buy based on the possibility of the pound dropping under 1.15.

  1. $15 option with the GBP/USD reaching 1.10 giving a payout of $500
  2. $150 option with the GBP/USD reaching 1.10 giving a payout of $5,000
  3. $1500 option with the GBP/USD reaching 1.10 giving a payout of $150,000.

Essentially traders are buying a Put on the GBPUSD expiring on 27 June 2016, strike is 1.15. Though expiry is on 27 June, the trader has the choice to close the deal at any time until then. And all the trader has to do, is select which of the 3 options they wish to buy, and the deal is opened for them.

To buy an option or read more on this, click here.

Who knows, like Soros, this may be your chance to become a trading legend.

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