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We Kept Our Promise: Price Transparency Guarantee

price transparency

We are proud to announce that during the high level of volatility experienced in the past few months, easyMarkets kept a promise it made to its clients. We ensured that our traders could effectively manage their risk and continue trading no matter how unprecedented market conditions became.

Our Price Transparency Guarantee means that we never change or adjust our conditions to reflect market sentiment. Our clients always know their costs upfront and can create their strategy, without the extra consideration or fear of changing spreads and increasing fees. This also gives them the margin to adjust and pivot when market conditions change rapidly.

Adding more variables to an equation with so many variables already, it’s good to know that certain things never change on easyMarkets platform: spreads are always fixed, stop loss is always a free service and is always guaranteed to be executed at the rate you chose and the extra security that dealCancellation allows you to undo losing trades and recover your funds.

Although everyone was going through trying times, we would like to thank our team for never compromising the exceptional level of support that easyMarkets clients have come to expect. Thank you also to our clients that no matter what the circumstances, were understanding and supported us.

And rest assured that no matter what happens we will continue keeping our promise to offer our traders transparent pricing, innovative risk management tools and exceptional trading conditions.

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