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Welcome to easyMarkets

For 12 years, online trading pioneer easy-forex has strived to provide you with awesome products and services. Now, in 2016, we want to take you to a whole new level of online trading.

easy-forex is now easyMarkets

easyMarkets reflects our wider offering of CFDs, forex, commodities, indices and options and the most exciting element has to be our brand new web trading platform. For two years our skilled developers worked closely with our financial analysts, our risk managers and our traders to develop a cutting-edge trading platform. We gave them one guideline – make it better, keep it easy and that’s exactly what they’ve done!

  • 300+ Tradable Instruments
  • Easy Platform
  • Low Fixed Spreads
  • Global Presence
  • 24/5 Dedicated Support
  • Established 2003
  • Exciting Promotions
  • Client Fund Safety
  • FREE Training & Support

So you will see that our name has changed to easyMarkets to match our great new website www.easymarkets.com. What hasn’t changed is our defining ethos, our fantastic people and the top-level of service you’ve rightly come to expect from us.

Rest assured, you will still be able to trade on the easy-forex platform for the next few months and we are here for any questions you may have.

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