Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple

Cryptocurrencies changed the face of global finance – touted as the next evolutionary stage of currency. If you want to be on bleeding edge of technology and the currency markets, then cryptocurrencies are the perfect choice.


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Why Trade Cryptocurrencies?

  • Decentralized

Cryptocurrencies are seldom affected by policy changes or geopolitical instability – and we have seen markets treat it as a safe-haven because of this.

  • Active

Cryptocurrencies are extremely active compared to traditional currencies. Prices can change remarkably within days or even hours. This creates a new frontier for trading.

  • More Choice

Each market has its own benefits and disadvantages, knowing when and in what combination these should be taken advantage of can optimize your crypto trading strategy.

  • New Opportunity

We have seen cryptos enter the mainstream, skyrocket to five figures and plummet within a few months. CFDs allow you to both buy and sell the underlying cryptocurrency.

  • Ethereum and Bitcoin are digital currencies based on blockchain ledger technology
  • Ripple is based on a payment protocol
  • Cryptocurrencies prices are driven largely by supply and demand
  • No exchange account or digital wallet necessary
  • Trade immediately online, no need to wait for buyers or sellers
  • Not as heavily effected by central bank policy, geopolitics or political instability
  • One of the most innovative and active markets today

Trading Conditions

Instrument Spreads From 1 Contract PIP Value MIN Contract MAX Leverage
BTC / USD 40 USD 1 Bitcoin 0.01 USD 0.25 Bitcoin 1:50
XRP / USD 0.004 USD 1000 Ripple 0.0001 USD 1,000 Ripple 1:50
ETH / USD 2.50 USD 1 Ethereum 0.01 USD 1 Ethereum 1:50

When can you trade Cryptocurrencies?

Trading hours
5 April to 3 October 2020 - Times GMT

Product Open Close Daily Break
Bitcoin BTC 22:00 Sunday 21:00 Friday
Ethereum ETH 22:00 Sunday 21:00 Friday
Ripple XRP 22:00 Sunday 21:00 Friday
Opening and Closing of Cryptocurrencies Deals is 24/7 on Web Platforms, except Sunday 06:00 - 09:00 GMT due to maintenance of our systems.

Trade Cryptocurrencies Multiple Ways

easyMarkets Platform

Efficiently user-friendly, with powerful analytical and risk management tools.

easyMarkets App

Access markets anywhere you have internet access. All the features of our web platform, in your pocket.

easyMarkets MT4

The robust, advanced features of MT4 with the amazing trading conditions easyMarkets offers.

Free Bitcoin Book

Trading Bitcoin
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Bitcoin = New Gold?

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History of Bitcoin

In January 2009, Bitcoin was launched, becoming the first decentralised currency or cryptocurrency. Discover what led up to the launch of the world’s most well-known cryptocurrency, when the first transaction took place, how the Bitcoin exchange was formed and much more. 

Record Highs

Over recent months, the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets have been experiencing record gains with the number of cryptocurrencies in circulation reaching a record high. What’s behind the Bitcoin surge? Will it last? And, what’s the price prediction for the cryptocurrency market by 2020?