Trading Ethereum CFDs allows you to perform trades quickly, without the need to sign up for a cryptocurrency wallet or register on a cryptocurrency exchange. You also have access to exclusive easyMarkets tools and products including easyTrade that lets you trade with zero spreads and no margin requirements. easyTrade also gives you the ability to define your risk – meaning you will never lose more than you are comfortable with.

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What is Ethereum?


Ethereum is not heavily affected by geopolitics or macroeconomic events and policy change, but like safe havens is driven largely by demand or selling off of the cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrencies are volatile their prices see big fluctuations even in a short period of time. These rapid movements allow CFD traders to potentially benefit from both directions.

Cryptos + easyMarkets

No need for a cryptocurrency wallet or to register on a cryptocurrency exchange to trade cryptos with easyMarkets. You can start trading instantly.

Risk Management

easyMarkets offers extensive risk management tools including free guaranteed stop loss** and negative balance protection.

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Buying and Selling Ethereum on an Exchange Vs. Trading Ethereum CFDs

When trading Ethereum CFDs you can buy and sell at any time – no need to wait for a seller or a buyer to perform your trade like you would have to on a cryptocurrency exchange. This is due to the nature of CFDs that allow you to trade the price of the cryptocurrency without the obligation of owning it.

Another benefit when trading CFD Ethereum is access to leverage, which increases your exposure to the market so you can potentially increase the size of your position – this can also cause rapid losses, if not used with easyMarkets free guaranteed stop loss.

CFDs also allow traders to benefit from an upward or downward movement of Ethereum’s price whereas if you own the asset a drop in price will result in losses.

Trading Ethereum CFDs Buying and Selling Ethereum on an Exchange
Buy or Sell Ethereum 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Ensuring you can seize opportunities when they are available A buyer and seller are necessary to perform a transaction that may cost you valuable opportunities
Trade both the rise and fall of Ethereum by going short or long. When the price of Ethereum is down there may be an opportunity to purchase it at a lower price.
Use easyMarkets exclusive risk management tools like free guaranteed stop-loss and innovative products like Freeze Rate. Risk must be closely monitored and managed by hedging that requires extensive knowledge and work to calculate.
No need to sign up for a crypto wallet or register on an exchange. An easyMarkets account allows you to trade up to 200+ instruments. Our trading accounts include standard risk management and security features. Finding a credible, secure exchange and deciding between multiple types of wallets (paper, online, desktop, mobile or physical/hardware) allows you only to trade one type of crypto in most cases.
Your easyMarkets account gives you access to a regulated broker founded in 2001 and amazing customer support. Trading with an unregulated exchange can expose you to unnecessary risk. Even credible exchanges have been hacked causing harm to clients.

Trade Ethereum with easyMarkets

All of easyMarkets accounts feature robust risk management tools as standard features, fixed spreads so you always know your costs and exceptional customer support. There are no deposit/withdrawal fees and easyMarkets offers you guaranteed stop loss and no additional cost to your bottom line.


Standard Features on all Platforms
  • No Deposit or Withdrawal Fees
  • Know your costs with Fixed Spreads
  • No Hidden Fees, no commission
  • Free Guaranteed Stop Loss and Take Profit**

Trade Ethereum Now

Trading Conditions

Instrument Spreads From 1 Contract PIP Value MIN Contract MAX Leverage
BTC / USD 40 USD 1 Bitcoin 0.01 USD 0.25 Bitcoin 1:50
XRP / USD 0.004 USD 1000 Ripple 0.0001 USD 1,000 Ripple 1:50
ETH / USD 2.50 USD 1 Ethereum 0.01 USD 1 Ethereum 1:50

When can you trade Cryptocurrencies?

Trading hours
5 April to 3 October 2020 - Times GMT

Product Open Close Daily Break
Bitcoin BTC 22:00 Sunday 21:00 Friday
Ethereum ETH 22:00 Sunday 21:00 Friday
Ripple XRP 22:00 Sunday 21:00 Friday
Opening and Closing of Cryptocurrencies Deals is 24/7 on Web Platforms, except Sunday 06:00 - 09:00 GMT due to maintenance of our systems.

**Guaranteed Stop Loss and Take Profit are only available on easymarkets Proprietary platform and Apps.