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We strive to offer our clients simple yet powerful tools and features to better trade and manage their risk.

Trading tools on easyMarkets platform


dealCancellation is one of the most innovative tools easyMarkets offers. It allows you to undo a losing trade

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Freeze Rate

See a price you like? Freeze it. This gives you a small margin of time to buy or sell the instrument you are trading using the ‘frozen’ rate

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Free Guaranteed Stop Loss

Free guaranteed stop loss, means that you will never exceed what you are comfortable risking…click here to find out how to better manage risk

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Risk management tools


dealCancellation is one of the most unique trading tool offered by any online broker. It allows you to “insure” your trades against loss for 1, 3 or 6 hours for a small fee depending on market volatility. If the trade goes against you, simply undo it and you will recover your invested amount and any losses that may have occurred.

Freeze Rate

The rate is moving. You want to trade on that rate. You aren’t sure which direction it will go. Freeze it. This gives you a small margin of time to buy or sell at the frozen rate while the real-time rate is still moving.

Negative Balance Protection

We were one of the first brokers to build an online trading platform that guaranteed a client would never lose more than their investment. We have kept this guarantee and promise unchanged since our founding in 2001, no matter what account type you have or the platform you use.

Pending Orders

If the current rate is different from the one that you want to trade on, you don't have to wait in front of the platform. Setting a Pending Order allows you to choose to Buy or Sell at a predefined rate once the markets reaches that level.

Free Guaranteed Stop Loss

Managing your risk when trading is extremely important. Some traders use stop loss – which closes a position when their chosen price level is reached. By guaranteeing your stop loss easyMarkets ensures you will never lose more than you intended. easyMarkets guaranteed stop loss comes at no additional cost. Simply choose the level of risk you are comfortable with and if the price reaches that level your position will close.

Fixed Spreads

Spreads are part of the transaction fees when trading. Transactions have two sides buying (bid) and selling (ask). The difference between the bidding and asking price is the spread. Our spreads are fixed, instead of variable spreads which increase during market volatility. This insures price transparency, you know what fees you will pay even before you trade.

Free Guaranteed Take Profit

Take profit gives you the ability to close a deal when you reach a level at which you are happy with your gains. This is a great tool for traders that want to predefine their risk to reward ratio, by using stop loss to define their maximum risk and take profit to define their maximum level of gains. Both are guaranteed and are free no matter what account type you have.

Tools to keep you informed


One of the best risk management tools is knowledge. Receive up to the minute notifications about price movements, so you always know how the markets are moving.

Live Currency Rates

Monitor the rates, percentage changes and the highs/lows of your preferred market live and then load it into your trading ticket with just a click.

Inside Viewer

Learn what markets are thinking. Inside Viewer is a tool unique to easyMarkets, and a first of its kind when it was launched in 2009. It gives you a deeper understanding about market movements – by showing you what percentage of traders are buying and selling a specific instrument.

Trading Charts

Markets are always moving. Being able to see where the price was previously and where it is now, along with being able to see emerging patterns can help you better understand market movements. Technical indicator overlays on charts can help you identify these patterns.

Financial Calendar

Knowing what is going on in the world is important when you trade, this is why we integrated a financial calendar in the same platform you can trade in.

Market News

The latest financial market news, at your fingertips, without the need to leave your trading platform. This keeps you in the loop while on the markets.

Demo Account

Do you feel like you need a little more time to learn and develop your trading strategy? easyMarkets demo account allows you to familiarize yourself with the tools available to you and our platform, while also piloting your trading strategy without any risk.

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dealCancellation© is a patent pending under the “Easy Cancellation Option” application number 62334455.