Contracts for difference

Flexible Trading for any Type of Trader

Contracts for difference allow traders to invest in currencies, indices, metals and commodities without the necessity to actually purchase the product. easyMarkets offers over 200+ different financial products to choose from, so you can trade the way you want to.


200+ Markets to Trade

Cryptocurrencies changed the face of global finance – touted as the next evolutionary stage of currency. If you want to be on bleeding edge of technology and the currency markets, then Cryptocurrencies could be the perfect choice.
Cryptocurrencies Trading Hours.
Commodities are split into Agricultural (soft/grown products) and Energy (hard/mined products). easyMarkets offers seven agricultural commodities from wheat to coffee and sugar. If you have an insight into specific markets like grains, then trading commodities CFDs is simplified on our platforms. If you like the high-volatility of energy commodities, then we offer five to choose from including WTI and Brent Oils, Natural Gas and Heating Oil.
Commodities Trading Hours.
Metal trading is as old as time itself. Now with CFD metal trading you can easily join this exciting market without having to hold the physical product. Gold, silver and other precious metals are considered safe havens and used as hedges in times of market uncertainty. With easyMarkets you can trade metals against a basket of currencies and trade them as Day and Options deals.
Metals Trading Hours.
Indices offer a mixed portfolio of top company stocks and are a diversified product by nature. They can track the health of specific economies and are impacted by the direction of interest rates, jobs data and currency strength. With 14 CFD indices on offer including the US DOW and NSQ, UK FTS, the EU DAX, the Japanese NKI and AU ASX – you may take advantage of any market around the world that is seeing action at any one moment.
Indices Trading Hours.
Forex, or currency trading, is a massive global market with over $5.3 trillion exchanged each day. Open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, there are 3 trading sessions around the world to take advantage of.
Currencies Trading Hours.
Shares are a popular investment product largely due to the amount of information available when trading them. Companies release quarterly earnings and news outlets cover company news closely. Shares also tend to be less volatile than other CFD markets, making them a good option for more risk-averse traders. CFD Shares traders aren’t obligated to own the underlying asset, meaning they can benefit from both the upwards and downwards movement of the asset’s price.
Shares Trading Hours.

What our Traders say about us

When can you trade CFDs?

CFD trading hours differ greatly from instrument class to instrument class – the opening, closing and times markets take breaks can greatly affect the price of your favorite instrument. This is why it is extremely important to know those times. Find out when your preferred markets are open, closed or just taking a break at our Trading Hours Page.

Trading Types

Trading CFDs as Spot, Forwards and Pending Order or as Options
Day (spot) Trading

Buying or selling CFDs typically within the same day.

Choose from 100+ currencies, 5 metals, 14 indices and 12 commodities.

Pending Orders

Select a future rate at which you want a CFD trade to open a Day trade – if it occurs in the market it happens automatically. No need to watch the market every minute! Cancel at no cost at any time.

Forward Deals

Buy or sell at a forward rate in a future pre-defined date. Trade with no slippage, no renewal fees and of course you can use free guaranteed stop loss and take profit.


Select your market at a rate and date you set in the future. You have the power to choose to buy and hold an option until it expires, or sell it back early. Speculate on future prices or hedge exchange rate risk. easyMarkets options are cash based and unique as you set the strike and expiry. Access over 30 currencies, gold, silver, oil, and cryptocurrencies.

4 Advantages of Trading CFDs

  • Unlike stock trading, there is always a buyer and a seller meaning you are never left holding an asset.
  • There are opportunities to earn under any market conditions – whether they’re rising or falling.
  • Flexibility allows traders to take a more diverse approach to their trading so they may take advantage of whichever market is trending at any one moment.
  • Leveraged trading means you may aim for higher returns with a smaller investment. However, leverage magnifies potential loss as well as returns.
Risk Management Tools

Like all financial products, CFD trading does involve risks of losing your invested funds. The markets can be volatile and make unexpected moves. And where leverage may magnify profit-potential it may also magnify losses. At easyMarkets we recommend you familiarize yourself with the risks of trading CFDs and we’ve also developed some tools to help you manage them.

  • dealCancellation* that allows you to cancel a deal up to 60 minutes of opening.
  • Fixed spreads so you always know the cost of your trading.
  • Free Guaranteed Stop Loss on easyMarkets Proprietary platform and Apps so you never lose more than your margin.
  • No slippage on the easyMarkets platform and Apps.
  • No negative account balance.
  • Training and personal support.

Read Articles, Watch Videos and Learn More About Trading CFDs in Our Learn Centre.

*dealCancellation terms apply.

dealCancellation© is a patent pending under the “Easy Cancellation Option” application number 62334455.

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