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Q3 Earnings Season & easyMarkets Brings Huge Value Add to Clients


Earnings Season is an exciting period for traders and easyMarkets has once again launched multiple products and services to help their clients during this very active time. These new features include the integration of a new, unique and practical platform, the addition of even more US listed stocks and a very beneficial feature addition to the popular easyTrade ticket.

easyMarkets offers even more choices to its traders, with the option to integrate their easyMarkets account with TradingView.

TradingView is both a social network for traders and a trading platform. It allows for advanced charting, sharing of trading ideas and trades, and allows users to perform various types of trades within the same platform. Clients can use TradingView’s platform with easyMarkets conditions and instruments . It also means that trades opened on TradingView can be monitored and closed on both easyMarkets web platform and trading app.

easyMarkets also recently added twelve extremely popular US listed shares to its already impressive selection.













These new shares are also available on MT4, for traders that are more familiar with this popular platform.

Finally, easyTrade, one of easyMarkets most popular trading tickets – that allows for zero spread trading, has no margin requirements (and in turn no margin stop-outs), gives access to significant leverage (in a way that is compliant with ESMA’s regulations) and features a maximum exposure amount that is defined by the trader – has gotten an extremely useful feature. Called Payout Target, this essentially works like take profit limit for easyTrade allowing you to avoid additional exposure after you’ve reached your target rate/price. This automatically closes the trade “in the money” protecting you and your account from unforeseen reversal. This is especially valuable when markets are volatile immediately after earnings reports.

Q3 Earnings Season Shares

Here is just a small selection of the shares easyMarkets offers and their reporting dates, for more information, visit our trading platform or Shares page.

19-Oct Netflix NFX 27-Oct Boeing BNG
19-Oct P&G PNG 27-Oct Alphabet GOO
20-Oct Tesla TSL 28-Oct Mastercard MAC
21-Oct AT&T ATT 29-Oct Chevron CVX
21-Oct Intel INT 29-Oct Exxon Mobil EXO
25-Oct Facebook FBK 02-Nov Pfizer PFE
26-Oct Microsoft MSF 03-Nov Alibaba BAB
26-Oct Visa VSA 04-Nov Uber UBE
26-Oct Twitter TWT 10-Nov Cisco CSC
27-Oct Apple APL 10-Nov Disney DIS
27-Oct Ford FRD 15-Nov Nio NIO
27-Oct Mc Donald’s MCD 17-Nov Nvidia NVD
19-Oct Netflix NFX
19-Oct P&G PNG
20-Oct Tesla TSL
21-Oct AT&T ATT
21-Oct Intel INT
25-Oct Facebook FBK
26-Oct Microsoft MSF
26-Oct Visa VSA
26-Oct Twitter TWT
27-Oct Apple APL
27-Oct Ford FRD
27-Oct Mc Donald’s MCD
27-Oct Boeing BNG
27-Oct Alphabet GOO
28-Oct Mastercard MAC
29-Oct Chevron CVX
29-Oct Exxon Mobil EXO
02-Nov Pfizer PFE
03-Nov Alibaba BAB
04-Nov Uber UBE
10-Nov Cisco CSC
10-Nov Disney DIS
15-Nov Nio NIO
17-Nov Nvidia NVD

About easyMarkets

easyMarkets has been in operation for over twenty years, offering clients fair and competitive trading. We offer multiple tools and conditions that help our clients manage their exposure when on the markets, including the innovative dealCancellation that allows traders to undo losing trades in 1, 3 or 6 hours after opening a position. The unique easyTrade ticket, allows zero spread trading without margin requirements and a locked-in maximum level of exposure set by the trader. We also offer tight fixed spreads that never change during trading hours, free and guaranteed stop loss and take profit and negative balance protection.

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