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What Investors Look For During Earnings Season

Earnings season is a greatly anticipated time for traders and investors. To add to the excitement of potential rapid price changes, the season brings with it a torrent of forecasts, analysis’ and news – from both companies themselves and other media sources.

The new quarter has started with significant volatility due to impactful geopolitical events and news. Tesla celebrated its launch of its Model Y, the company’s first vehicle that would be produced in Europe, with almost a 20.5% increase in its stock price in just the first few days of the new year.

This year Adidas has announced a continuation of its buyback program, with a 1 Billion Euro buyback in 2020, giving us a bit of an indication of the company’s financial health.

Last year many of the stocks easyMarkets offered saw substantial and sustained growth.

Shares Price change - 2018 Price change - 2019
Tesla 6.67% 36.66%
Microsoft Corp. 17.93% 58.41%
Facebook -26.22% 59.12%
Netflix 36.49% 24.80%
Amazon 28.15% 26.12%
Alibaba -22.30% 58.13%

Source: Yahoo Finance - Just a small sample of CFD stocks offered by easyMarkets

2020’s First Earning Season

Corporations are preparing to announce their earnings for 2020 and investors are looking for indicators of growth, constriction or a ramping up of production activities.

easyMarkets guarantees that no matter how volatile markets are its traders are protected with free guaranteed stop loss, negative balance protection and transparent pricing.

According to Ohad Golan, easyMarket’ Chief Marketing Officer:

“We believe in offering the best possible trading experience to our clients, especially during such an impactful and volatile period such as earnings season. Our innovative tools and conditions ensure our clients’ have a competitive edge and are simultaneously protected with free guaranteed stop loss and negative balance protection. This dedication to our clients is what makes us a stand-out broker in a densely populated space.”

easyMarkets also offers tools that help its traders further protect their accounts:

  • Freeze Rate gives a trader the ability to pause live rates momentarily to open or close a trade. This is an especially important feature during times of high volatility when price moves rapidly.
  • Fixed Spread means that even during volatility a trader’s cost doesn’t increase, ensuring cost transparency. No need for complex calculations to analyze variable spreads.
  • No slippage ensures that the rate our clients seek to trade is the rate their position is executed at.

easyMarkets offers a curated list of the market’s most popular shares. The dates below are subject to change as companies may postpone earnings to account for significant or unforeseen events that may impact their share price:

NFX / USD Netflix 21-01-2020
JNJ / USD Johnson & Johnson 22-01-2020
INT / USD Intel Corporation 23-01-2020
APL / USD Apple 28-01-2020
CVX / USD Chevron 31-01-2020
BAB / USD Alibaba 29-01-2020
MCD / USD McDonald’s 29-01-2020
TSL / USD Tesla 29-01-2020
MSF / USD Microsoft 29-01-2020
VSA / USD Visa 30-01-2020
AMZ / USD Amazon 30-01-2020
FBK / USD Facebook 29-01-2020
ATT / USD AT&T 29-01-2020
EXO / USD Exxon 31-01-2020
CSC / USD Cisco 12-02-2020
CCA / USD Coca-Cola 30-01-2020
FRD / USD Ford 04-02-2020
LVT / EUR L.V.M.H. 28-01-2020
SIE / EUR Siemens 05-02-2020
DAI / EUR Daimler 11-02-2020
CBK / EUR Commerzbank 13-02-2020
ALV / EUR Allianz 21-02-2020
IBE / EUR Iberdrola 26-02-2020
BNP / EUR BNP Paribas 05-02-2020
BAY / EUR Bayer 27-02-2020
ADS / EUR Adidas 11-03-2020
VOW / EUR Volkswagen 17-03-2020

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