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Multiple CNH (Renminbi) Products for Trading

25 June 2013

easy-forex® have once again delivered a first for the forex industry by offering CNH trading against the euro, Australian dollar and Japanese Yen, as well as the US dollar.

Michael Konnaris, CEO, said: “Once again easy-forex is paving the way for the masses to access these exciting trading products. Our traders can trade CNH against multiple currencies without the need of a VIP account. We work hard to keep our promise of providing easy access to desired products to all traders worldwide”.

China is the world’s largest trading market and fastest growing economy. Its official currency, the renminbi (RMB), is traded offshore (mainly in Hong Kong) as the CNH, making it possible for the settlement of international trade with China. Since the CNH came into being in mid-2010 over five billion US dollars are traded on a daily basis.

With the continual growth of China and the liberalisation of the RMB, the CNH is expected to grow against the US dollar making it a good investment for traders.

Our traders get the same benefits when trading the CNH as they do with any of its trading products - currencies, commodities, indices and options. These benefits include tight, fixed spreads and guaranteed stops, which allow traders to have greater control of their investment strategies, regardless of how volatile the markets may get.

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