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Revolutionising the Industry with the Launch of Bank Options Trading

14 May 2013

easy-forex has just opened up the beta version of its new online bank (vanilla) options platform to the world. The platform takes options trading to a new level of simplicity and accessibility. Traders can open deals and directly profit on price movements and price volatility, and they can protect open positions of any forex trade with any broker. The vanilla options platform is an efficient way to hedge exposure.

The options platform has already enjoyed a massive up-take from its early-bird users and is likely to ensure easy-forex maintains its primary position in the industry.

Michael Konnaris, Chief Executive Officer of easy-forex said: “I am pleased to announce the launch of our new options platform. I am excited to see the traction and feedback we are getting from our traders around the world. The platform empowers traders of all levels to customise their deals to match their market views, experience and investment appetite”.

UK Options trader, Gordon Taylor said: “The advantage of easy-forex options is that they are not 'off the peg'. You choose the pair to trade, the expiry and the financial commitment that you are comfortable with. One great advantage of options is that once the option is bought that is your total financial commitment even if the market moves against you”.

David Gledhill said: “The interface is great; from new to trading options to the advanced section of the platform, the easy-forex platform adapts perfectly to your skill level and responds accordingly. It is easy to trade and the outcomes are displayed clearly so you are aware of all the possible outcomes before you enter a trade”.

One of the unique benefits of the easy-forex options platform is that it enables traders to build strategies made up of multiple options and to share them in the ‘strategies marketplace’. Trader John Mark said: “This is a brilliant product. It is very useful to learn about what others are doing, to get inspiring ideas, but at the end you still make up your own mind on what you want to do”.

Michael Konnaris continues: “Our options platform has all the characteristics traders have come to expect from us – transparency in everything we do, innovativeness, security and, above all, simplicity.

What we have is a best-in-class options platform that, with the help of our affiliates and partners, will accelerate the growth of easy-forex in our target markets”.

The options traders mentioned have given their permission to be quoted in this media release.

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