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From bartering goods to today’s online digital trading, one constant remains; trading commodities is a basic necessity.

We all consume sugar, wheat, corn, oil and gas on a daily basis.


What you should know when you trade commodities

Commodity prices are linked to local and global weather plus industrial events. Weather changes and its impact on crop harvests, and oil’s influence on the industrial markets may affect the distribution and pricing of these commodities. When trading commodities these can be some of the considerations you may make before you decide your next trading moves.

Experience the buzz and excitement of trading goods that are used by billions of people every single day from your commodities trading platform on mobile, tablet and desktop.

CFD Commodity Instrument Spread from 1 contract Pip value* Min contract Min Margin**
WTI Crude Oil OIL / USD 0.05 1,000 barrels 10 USD 50 barrels 25 USD
Gasoil GAS / USD 1.25 100 metric tons 1 USD 10 metric tons 25 USD
Brent Crude BRT / USD 0.06 1,000 barrels 10 USD 50 barrels 25 USD
Heating Oil HEO / USD 0.0125 42,000 gallons 4.20 USD 1,000 gallons 25 USD
Natural Gas NGS / USD 0.012 10,000 mmBTU 10 USD 100 mmBTU 25 USD
Wheat WHT / USD 1.00 5,000 bushels 0.50 USD 1 bushel 25 USD
Corn CRN / USD 1.00 5,000 bushels 0.50 USD 2 bushels 25 USD
Cotton CTN / USD 0.16 50,000 pounds 5 USD 10 pounds 25 USD
Soybeans SOY / USD 1.50 5,000 bushels 0.50 USD 0.5 bushels 25 USD
Coffee CFE / USD 0.50 37,500 pounds 3.75 USD 3.75 pounds 25 USD
Sugar SGR / USD 0.04 112,000 pounds 11.20 USD 56 pounds 25 USD
Cocoa CCO / USD 6 10 metric tons 10 USD 0.2 metric tons 25 USD

*Value per pip per 1 contract The pip value is shown in the non-base currency, the spread is a decimal resulting from the difference of BID and ASK, i.e. 120.264 - 120.238 = 0.026.

**Minimum margins to trade and contracts we show an approximation of margin based on how the financial markets display prices. Margins will vary based on your base currency.

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When you trade CFDs, you are acting on news announcements and important events.
From our full range of exciting markets, which commodity will you trade today?

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- Will we have a good summer and bumper harvest? -

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