Trading Ripple CFDs comes with many benefits compared to actually buying, holding and then selling XRP via an exchange. First, trading Ripple CFDs means you can perform both a buy or sell trade immediately. This is because CFDs allow you to trade the Ripple price without the need to actually hold it. Ripple CFDs also allow you to potentially benefit from both the rise and fall of Ripple.

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What is Ripple

Ripple, or XRP, is a cryptocurrency but unlike Ethereum and Bitcoin – it is actually intended as a payment protocol based on blockchain. One reason that Ripple has garnered so much attention is that it has been adopted by over 100 clients, including mainstream financial services companies such as UBS, RBC, Credit Agricole, Santander, American Express and MoneyGram. Ripple was established in 2012 and claims to have the fastest payments settlements, is the most scalable amongst its crypto-counterparts and has negligible energy consumption.

  • An institutional tool

From inception Ripple was intended to be used by banks to replace their current payment protocols.

  • Volatility

Although Ripple has experienced fluctuations – it has acted in a much more predictable way. The main reason is that it is not as easily purchased as other cryptocurrencies.

  • Ripple + easyMarkets

When it was established in 2001 easyMarkets was one of the first brokers to offer online trading and credit card funding. We continue to innovate, offering customers optimal trading conditions.

  • Risk Management

easyMarkets offers you multiple unique and innovative risk management tools.

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Buying and Selling Ripple vs. Trading Ripple CFDs

Ripple CFDs allow for instant trading – our CFDs let you trade the XRP/USD price without needing to own it. When you have Ripple in a wallet though, you will have to put it on an exchange and then wait for someone to be on the opposite side of the transaction – i.e. if you’re selling, you need to find someone to buy, and when you buy Ripple you need someone sell at the price you want.

Access to leverage is another benefit of trading Ripple via a CFD; something that is not an option if you hold the actual asset. Leverage in essence is short term credit a broker offers its client to be able to open a larger position. Since leverage multiplies movements in both directions, risk can be managed with tools like stop loss. A standard feature on all easyMarkets accounts is free guaranteed stop loss** that allows you to set the maximum risk you are comfortable with when you are using leverage.

Finally, the other significant benefit when you trade Ripple CFDs is the ability to potentially benefit from both the rise and fall of Ripple’s price. When you hold XRP, a drop in its price would result in losses, but presents an opportunity to purchase it at a lower price.

Trading Ripple CFDs Buying and Selling Ripple on an Exchange
Immediately trade – don’t get stuck with Ripple if it drops. Wait for a buyer or seller to be on the other side of your transaction.
Potentially benefit from both the rise and the fall of Ripple. No need to wait for someone to be on the opposite side of your transaction. A drop in its price is a potential opportunity to purchase Ripple. If you are holding Ripple this will result in a loss.
easyMarkets offers unique and exclusive risk management tools Risk must be performed manually or on software outside the trading platform.
No need to find a crypto wallet or register on a cryptocurrency exchange. Trade XRP/USD in minutes. Researching and finding the right crypto wallet and a creditable exchange can be time consuming.
Trade Ripple with a regulated broker established in 2001, with exceptional conditions and customer support. Cryptocurrency exchanges can be vulnerable to cyberattacks which have cost Ripple traders some or all of their assets.

Trade Ripple with easyMarkets

All easyMarkets accounts feature robust risk management tools. Your spreads are fixed no matter what market conditions are. No hidden fees, deposit/withdrawal fees. easyMarkets also offers a high level of choice, not only do you have access to Ripple but also to 200+ other instruments to trade. Additionally you can choose to trade on mobile, our user-friendly and innovative web platform and the very popular MT4.


Standard Features on all Platforms
  • No Deposit or Withdrawal Fees
  • Know your costs with Fixed Spreads
  • No Hidden Fees, no commission
  • Free Guaranteed Stop Loss and Take Profit**

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Trading Conditions

Instrument Spreads From 1 Contract PIP Value MIN Contract MAX Leverage
BTC / USD 40 USD 1 Bitcoin 0.01 USD 0.25 Bitcoin 1:50
XRP / USD 0.004 USD 1000 Ripple 0.0001 USD 1,000 Ripple 1:50
ETH / USD 2.50 USD 1 Ethereum 0.01 USD 1 Ethereum 1:50

When can you trade Cryptocurrencies?

Trading hours
4 October to 24 October 2020 - Times GMT

Cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies
Product Open Close Daily Break
Bitcoin BTC 22:00 Sunday 21:00 Friday
Ethereum ETH 22:00 Sunday 21:00 Friday
Ripple XRP 22:00 Sunday 21:00 Friday
Opening and Closing of Cryptocurrencies Deals is 24/7 on Web Platforms, except Sunday 06:00 - 09:00 GMT due to maintenance of our systems.

**Guaranteed Stop Loss and Take Profit are only available on easymarkets Proprietary platform and Apps.

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