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easyMarkets helps you at every stage of your trading journey. No matter what your experience level, you can find articles, videos and ebooks covering multiple topics including trading strategies, trading psychology, risk management and introductory learning modules for new traders. Sign Up for a Demo Account and Download All the eBooks Available for Free

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Learn about the fundamentals of trading, terms you should be familiar with, how to set up your easyMarkets account and start trading.

Explore all of the unique features and tools easyMarkets offers in the ‘Why easyMarkets’ video series including exclusive risk management, analysis and trading tools.

What is forex? (playlist)

Learn the forex basics; what is a currency pair, what is a pip and how leverage works,

4 Videos. Approx length 3 mins.

How to... (playlist)

Learn how to register, use the website, use dealCancellation*, upload your documents and make a deposit or a withdrawal. Learn how to use our easyMarkets platform.

8 Videos. Approx length 4 mins.

Why easyMarkets (playlist)

Are you getting all the tools you need to trade better, safer and easier? Watch these and more of our short videos to find out how easy it is to trade with easyMarkets.

4 Videos. Approx. length 3 mins.

Introduction to options

You trade options to speculate on currency price moves, to hedge a spot trade, or like importers, to secure a future income. Discover the ease of option trading.

1 Video. Length 3½ mins.

Discover Series

An engaging and informative introduction to some of the most popular instruments easyMarkets offers. Explore the fundamentals of Gold, EUR/USD, the S&P500, Oil and a bonus introduction to Trading Psychology. This video series will show you what moves each instrument, the benefits of the various types of instruments and what to look out for when trading them.

Discover key concepts, terminology and history behind the most active and popular instruments.

Educational series about our most popular trading pairs.

Learn about a product's origins, special relationship with the US Dollar and other products, what are the event driven movers and shakers that may effect price? Join James and learn about the metals, forex pairs, S&P 500, commodities and indices in this helpful series.

Video Playlist [3]. Length of videos approx. 4½ minutes

Free eBooks

Download any of the 10 eBooks available to easyMarkets clients. These cover everything from Trading, Technical Analysis and walkthroughs for the popular MT4 and easyMarkets Trading App:

Getting Started

FX, the most exciting, $5 trillion-a-day financial market. Learn the who, what, where and when of forex and how to get started trading.

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Learn Technical Analysis

Understand how economic events drive the markets. Learn how to read and analyse charts, a major trading tool, and their patterns.

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Trading Psychology

Train your brain to get the right mind-set. Understand how trading on emotions affects the outcome. Build yourself a simple plan.

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10 Shocking Lessons

Celebrity deaths, unexpected voting, politics and huge market movements. 2016 was a shocker! Learn the lessons now.

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MT4 User Guide

easyMarkets offers some of the most competitive industry advantages to MT4 traders. Learn more with our user guide.

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Trading Central

Users' guide to Trading Central indicators for MetaTrader MT4. What are signals indicators, installation, features and upgrading.

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Options Manual

A comprehensive guide to vanilla options. Basic terms, measuring risk and getting started.

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Options FAQs

Detailed, common vanilla options questions and answers in PDF format.

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Options Strategies

A look into sixteen of the most common vanilla options strategies. Definitions, the risk and reward model, scenarios and tips.

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Trading app quick start guide

Download easyMarkets Trading App Guidebook which will introduce you to the amazing world of trading using just your cell phone anytime and anywhere. Learn how to make the trading app an integrated part of your everyday life.

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Economic Indicators

All the key indicators to be aware of during economic events & announcements.

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Account Funding

Our online cashier makes deposits and withdrawals a breeze!

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Compare Trading Platforms

A simple features comparision table to choose your platform.

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Markets Glossary

A comphrensive A-Z of industry terms, acronyms and abbreviations.

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Economic Indicators

There are many things that move the markets – sentiment, geopolitical instability, policy change and even rumors. An economic indicator is data that is generally considered a barometer of an economy’s health.

This extensive list of economic indicators is separated into High, Medium and Low (impact or potential to create volatility).


Trading Glossary

Trading has its very own lexicon and this convenient trading term glossary will help you understand terms and abbreviations used in analysis, market news and price charts.

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