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easyMarkets launches dealCancellation – an industry game changer

Trade Risk free with dealCancellation

27 June 2016

easyMarkets just launched a new feature on its trading platform that many are considering an industry game changer. dealCancellation allows clients to ‘cancel’ losing deals within an hour after opening them and have their original investment refunded.

Nikos Antoniades, CEO of easyMarkets says,
“This is a bold new feature that no one else is offering. Essentially it means that you can open a deal and if the deal starts losing, you can cancel it and have your losses returned. It’s as simple as that”.

dealCancellation incurs a fee of a few pips when the deal is opened but gives the trader the opportunity to cancel a losing trade and save much more. The feature is proving popular amongst the early adopters who have been using it.

“This is a great tool that gives me the chance to open a trade, see how it goes, and if it’s not panning out the way I thought, cancel it and not lose my money” says early-adopter trader Tracey Wilkes from the UK.

easyMarkets has been democratising trading since 2003 under the name of easy-forex. They are a pioneering forex and CFD broker that offered many industry firsts including a web-based platform, credit card funding, no minimum deposits and great trading conditions including free guaranteed stop loss, no slippage and tight fixed spreads. These changed the face of online trading and now with dealCancellation, they’re at it again further innovating with features that actually help traders.

“What gives us the ability to innovate is that we’ve always invested in our technology and we’ve stayed true to our founding principal of making trading easy and accessible to all” says Antoniades. “The depth and breadth of our knowledge and experience in the industry means we can offer great trader-centric tools that no-one else is doing”.

Trader, Bob Douglas from Australia says “Not only can I cancel my deal and save my investment when the markets are tanking, but if I hit my stop loss and I’ve covered my trade with dealCancellation – then I still get my money back. I’m happy with that”.

dealCancellation was developed by ORE, an options platform provider to specifications set out by easyMarkets. Antoniades says “We’ve been collaborating with ORE since the development and launch of our options product offering. They’re a smart group of people that have taken a somewhat complex product and made it extremely user-friendly”.

Merav Brenner Head of Accounts at ORE says: “ORE’s philosophy is simple: create a great product and traders will use it. We focus on making options trading simple and accessible. Our customers share our vision and our team works closely with them to improve our product every day. We are proud to launch this product with easyMarkets”. dealCancellation is an industry first and should prove popular amongst both new traders tentatively starting out and more experienced traders looking to up the stakes in their trading.

Curious? Sign up with easyMarkets now and enjoy dealCancellation on your next trade.

dealCancellation© Option is an ORE patent pending under the patent “Easy Cancellation Option” application number 62334455.

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