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easyMarkets Launches Shares

We are very excited to announce that Shares are now available to trade on our platform. Choose from the most exciting and popular shares.

Not only can you can trade with fixed spreads, but we are also one of the only brokers to offer no slippage when trading shares.

This means that you calculate and know your bottom line even before you start trading, without any surprises because of market volatility.

These new tradable products will be offered with all of easyMarkets conditions that ensure not only price transparency but also security of funds:

Competitive Fixed Spreads
Negative Balance Protection
Free Guaranteed Stop-Loss
Free Guaranteed Take-Profit

The benefit of trading shares is the immense breath of information available. Not only do companies share their earnings four times a year (known as ‘earnings season’) but most major news outlets will extensively cover earning reports.

Our dedicated, hard-working and knowledgeable team, has collaborated to bring you yet another amazing product!

CFD Shares by easyMarkets

US Shares Description
Alibaba (BAB) Alibaba Group Holding Limited
Amazon (AMZ) Amazon Inc
Apple (APL) Apple Inc
Facebook (FBK) Facebook Inc
Netflix (NFX) Netflix Inc
Tesla (TSL) Tesla Inc
Coca-Cola (CCA) The Coca-cola Company
Intel (INT) Intel Corporation
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) Johnson & Johnson
McDonald's (MCD) McDonald’s Corporation
Microsoft (MSF) Microsoft Corporation
Ford (FRD) Ford Motor
Chevron (CVX) Chevron
Visa (VSA) Visa
Cisco (CSC) Cisco Systems
Exxon (EXO) Exxon Mobil
EU Shares Description
Adidas (ADS) Adidas
Allianz (ALV) Allianz SE
Bayer (BAY) Bayer AG
BNP Paribas (BNP) BNP Paribas SA
Commerzbank (CBK) Commerzbank AG
Daimler (DAI) Daimler AG
Iberdrola (IBE) Iberdrola SA
Siemens (SIE) Siemens AG
Volkswagen (VOW) Volkswagen AG

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