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May Market Volatility

may volatility

All hands-on board for easyMarkets since May marked exceptional and historic volatility.

We ensured that our clients were aware of news, events and political events so they could manage their risk effectively and see opportunity where it presented itself. After a flurry of Push notifications, emails and market activity, things are slowly returning to normal, but rest assured we will continue watching the markets, charts and news for any fluctuations or changes.

Our operations continued with a hyper-focused commitment to keep our clients informed and ready to act when the markets were at their most volatile…and they definitely were. We saw an abrupt (if not expected) V shape pattern emerge in March, the DOW plummeting from February highs of 29542.0 to lows of 18048.0. And the volatility didn’t seem to end there.

We promise to continue offering our clients with up to date and real time market news as it happens. Our proprietary trading app features real-time market updates that display on your phone, so you know everything that is going on in the markets.

And as always easyMarkets never changes its spreads during market volatility, nor does it disable trading during market hours. Its easyMarkets price transparency guarantee so you know what you trade and know what your bottom line is.

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