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Q2 2020 Earnings Season Beginnings

q2 2020 earnings

This quarter’s earnings season will likely be unlike any previous one. We have experienced historic volatility, a completely new reality, unbelievable pressures on governments, markets and the economies.

Are you ready?

Most investors and traders will be likely looking to the US during this quarter’s earnings season, with the biggest losers and biggest winners. Even though the US is likely to dominate this quarter’s news, some of the biggest companies across the world will be releasing their earnings.

easyMarkets gives you unprecedented control and choice with shares listed on US, European, Australian, Japanese and Chinese markets. Our offerings include technology, automotive, financial, mining and resource management and hospitality companies. This gives you the ability to create a well-rounded portfolio in multiple industries that are affected differently to macroeconomic events.

easyMarkets has been preparing to keep our clients informed and updated about which shares will be released. To receive these updates, download the easyMarkets trading app and follow us on social media – to get live updates.

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