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Vanilla Options Integrated on easyMarkets Trading Platform


Working to further optimize our products, and responding to their clients’ feedback, easyMarkets has integrated Vanilla Options into their trading platform.

This gives our clients a great level of choice when trading, the ability to quickly create a hedge or trade with a maximum capped risk amount.

Although we have offered Vanilla Options uninterrupted since they were launched in 2013, they could be traded on their own separated from the trading area platform.

If you are unfamiliar; Vanilla Options are a type of derivative contracts favored by institutional and professional traders because it allows for effective hedging and limited risk exposure. With Vanilla Options, you can never surpass your risk amount, no matter what the outcome of your trade but at the same time does not cap the potential profit of your trade. As with all of easyMarkets trading vehicles, you can trade both upwards and downwards price movements of the instrument you are trading.

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