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Binary Options are all or nothing options whereas with easyTrade you get the Current Payout back. When trading Binary Options the payout is predetermined to 90%, easyTrade potential payouts are unlimited. easyTrade can also be used effectively as a hedge and close the trade anytime they want before expiry, a benefit Binary options do not offer.

As with forex trading, it is important to speculate in which direction the market will move. Market volatility could be your best friend when it comes to opening an easyTrade deal. Take advantage of the market movements and speculate your trend !

The risk amount that you will pay in order to open an easyTrade.

Every currency pair has a different Risk Amount range to choose from. When you are about to enter your Risk Amount, the system will notify you of the available range for the currency pair you selected.

Your Risk amount is in your account’s base currency.

Your deal size depends on your Risk Amount, your chosen Trade time and the volatility at the moment you open your trade.

In a possible beneficial scenario you will start making a return when the market rate surpasses your breakeven point. When you surpass your breakeven point, you get back your invested amount plus a return depending on the movement of the asset’s rate.


There are 3 reasons for closure:

1. The trade will expire when it reaches the maximum Trade time that you selected (1/3/6 hours).

2. You can choose to close it before the expiry time you selected.

3. If an Unauthorized activity is detected. Please click HERE to review the Client Agreement.

Once you reach your break-even point you get your initial investment back. If the rate moves above the break-even point, your potential payout is unlimited.

If the market moves in your favor, the Current Payout will be added to your Free balance. If the market goes against you, the maximum amount that you lose is your Risk Amount already paid. 

Your maximum loss will be the amount that you initially invested for the specific easyTrade deal. No matter how many pips the market moves against you, you will not lose more than your Risk amount.

Your Exposure Size is set depending on your Premium amount and your Equivalent deal size, depending on the volatility the moment you open your trade.

Hedging is allowed as long is it not in bad faith. Please click HERE to review the Client Agreement.

Choices vary between 1/3/6 hours. You can trade longer time frames by trading Vanilla Options on our platform.

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