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Meeting Trader Demands for More Precious Metals

09 September 2014

easy-forex, responds to traders’ needs and launches an expanded trading portfolio of precious metal markets and derivative instruments. Getting the edge on most other retail forex providers, easy-forex now gives access to nine currencies against gold and silver: US dollar, euro, Canadian, Australian, Singaporean and NZ dollar, British pound, Swiss franc, Polish zloty and Japanese yen, and trading in the palladium and platinum markets. As well as trading these instruments as spot day trades, easy-forex also offers the ability to trade vanilla option contracts for gold and silver allowing its traders to better trade these volatile asset classes on an easy and flexible options trading platform.

Markos Solomou, Chief Marketing Officer says “Our traders’ spoke up and we listened by adding even more pairs and instruments within our precious metals offering. This is part of our promise to continuously increase the range of markets and instruments available to our traders in the most convenient way, and we are gearing up to launch another 37 precious metal pairs later this year”.

This is an exciting time for the company with a slate of new offerings including 96 currency pairs, 16 indices, 13 commodities and 26 vanilla options instruments. The expanded offering allows traders to take advantage of market action across the globe.

Markos adds “Traders like to trade markets they are familiar with. If you’re in the UK, you’ll have a better idea of what’s happening in your own backyard and you have more ready access to news and events that shift your local market. Knowledge of specific markets means more trading opportunities and I’m pleased to see our traders taking to these new markets with such enthusiasm.”

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