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Intuitive, Powerful, Simplified

We introduced online trading in 2001 and we were the first to offer tools like dealCancellation, Freeze Rate and Inside Viewer.

Powerful Tools and Conditions

easyMarkets platform is simple and versatile. Friendly to new clients with a lot of features for experienced traders. You also receive easyMarkets free guaranteed stop loss, no slippage, fixed spreads and no funding or withdrawal fees.

Only on easyMarkets Platform


Made a mistake? Undo It! easyMarkets is the only broker that offers a way to “insure” your trade, for 60 minutes for a small fee. Allowing you to undo your trade and reclaim your losses.

Inside Viewer

Ever wonder what other traders are doing? This great tool gives you a deeper understanding of market sentiment by showing you what percentage of traders are buying and selling

Freeze Rate

Markets constantly move. What if you could pause them? Pause a rate and place your trade at the “frozen” rate. Not higher or lower.

easyMarkets Tickets

Choose the way you want to trade. easyMarkets Tickets allow you to choose between a day trade, a forward deal, a pending order or an easyTrade. All of these tickets offer clients different benefits and ways to trade.


This unique ticket has limited risk, the potential for unlimited rewards and zero spreads.


Undo a losing trade, freeze a rate, set free guaranteed stop loss and take profit. Innovation meets classic “buy” or “sell” trading.

Forward Deal

Buy or sell at a forward rate in a future pre-defined date. Trade with no slippage, no renewal fees and of course you can use free guaranteed stop loss and take profit.

Pending Order

Don’t wait for the rate to be reached – place a pending order. Your trade will be opened automatically when the rate you set is reached. Use it with FreezeRate, free guaranteed stop loss and take profit.

Trading Simplified

Stay on the market while staying informed.

All of easyMarkets unique tools and features are accessible within our trading platform. This includes a financial calendar, market news, trading charts and trading signals.

Staying on your platform while having market moving information easily available is very important on markets which experience rapid movements, like Forex or Cryptocurrency.

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